Is downtime for vehicle service & repair impacting the service you provide to your customers?

With Idealease of Chattanooga's Mobile service you can schedule service when your vehicles are not operating...during off hours or on your location.

Our highly trained and skilled Mobile Service technicians can perform up to 80% of all routine and preventive commercial truck maintenance at your location including:

  • Scheduled PM's
  • Mobile Quick Checks
  • Minor Repairs
  • DVIR Write-Ups (vehicle inspections)

Mobile Service improves the use of your drivers’ available hours of service because they are not moving vehicles to and from a separate service location.

Other services available to Idealease customers

  • Mobile Service
  • Periodic State & Federal Inspections
  • Idealnet 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Idealease Fleet Services
    • Idealease Fuel Card with US & Canada Fuel Tax Reporting
    • Vehicle Licensing, Permitting, Legalization
    • Motor Vehicle Report Service
    • Telematics Service
  • Idealease Safety & Compliance Training & Consultation
  • Driver Training to Reduce Driver Turnover
  • Replacement Rental Vehicles
  • Discounted Rental Vehicles